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Therapy is most effective when it is a collaborative process.

This kind of respectful, mutual engagement enhances healing and growth.  My goal is to provide a warm, empathic, and confidential environment that is responsive to each individual’s unique needs, background and culture. My style is gentle but direct. My integrative approach includes using a variety of modalities including stress management techniques, mindfulness skills, cognitive treatment, and trauma therapy with Brainspotting.

I work from the perspective that we are all capable of transforming old feelings, behaviors, and patterns, rewiring our brains and healing our hearts. What happens within the therapeutic relationship can be a powerful part of this growth process. Ultimately, you are the expert about yourself. Whether you feel stuck in your relationships, job/career/school work, finances, health or want to live more fully, this integrative approach can help you get to the core of your blocks and support you in building on your strengths and ability to heal from within.

Specialties include helping individuals relieve depression, mood swings, anxiety and anger.  I am experienced in helping clients heal from all types of trauma and utilize Brainspotting to assist in this process. I help clients traverse the challenges around brain injury, ADD, illness, chronic pain, and phobias. I aid individuals and couples as they navigate their relationships, marital and divorce issues, losses and grief.  Supporting seniors, their families and caregivers with adjustments in later life is another area of specialty. Additionally, I work with individuals on performance enhancement in numerous areas.

Areas of expertise also include teaching Brainspotting trainings and providing individual and group consultation to other therapists, who are working on expanding their Brainspotting skills. I work with psychotherapists to become certified in BSP.

“Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion.”
― Jack Kornfield

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